Purple nitrile gloves have strong brand recognition within the medical community totes as the nitrile exam glove to use. Again, color has no bearing on the quality of the nitrile glove; however, the color serves to mark Kimberly-Clark’s signature nitrile glove. Kimberly-Clark patented this color so no other company can produce purple examination gloves without violating the patent.

Having the purple color for nitrile gloves is good because it is a quick, easy way for nurses to recognize the durable glove. It is quite common for hospital systems to utilize numerous types of exam gloves ranging from vinyl to latex to nitrile gloves. For the most part, workers do not recognize that protection level of each glove. Using the KC purple nitrile glove is an easy way for hospitals to educate their staff on which glove to use for working with harsh chemicals or high-stress environments. For example, oncology departments can easily instruct the staff to only use the purple gloves when handling chemotherapy drugs. The hospitals do not need to worry about the quality of these gloves since Kimberly-Clark is one of the trusted brands of exam gloves.