When you clean the bathroom, think about what cleaning products you use. Maybe you use Mr. Clean, Pine Sol, Spic and Span, or just use plain old Clorox Bleach. Whatever product you use, what do all these house cleaning products have in common? Letting the cleaning liquids come into direct contact with your skin is bad for you. Nearly all bathroom cleaning products have harsh chemicals like bleach that will damage you skin especially if you forget to wash your hands. Prolonged contact with bleach can result in developing an irritation on your hands. Be sure to remember to protect your hands while handling these housecleaning products. Using nitrile gloves is a perfect housecleaning glove because nitrile material has excellent properties of being resistant to the bad chemicals found in cleaning products.

Remember, when nitrile gloves are used while working with house cleaning products, you should always dispose of the work glove after you use it. Although this synthetic rubber glove may appear to be good, the integrity of the glove will most likely be changed. Different chemicals have a wide range of effects on gloves. Depending on the brand, nitrile gloves have a consistent level of protection of how long it takes for a specific chemical to penetrate the barrier a glove provides. “Washing” a nitrile glove after using it does not restore the glove to its original condition.  Heed our advice on throwing away the nitrile glove after a single use.